Azaz – Katmeh – Sijjo – Alsalameh crossing – Shimarin – Shamarekh – Nyarah – Soran – Telalin – Jibrin – Marea – Arshaf – Akhtarin – Terkman Bareh – Alraei – Albab – Bizaa – Kediran – Qabasin –Jinderes -- Afrin – Rajo – Basotah – Ain Darah – Alzarifah

And all the roads which are link between them. Also, you can visit Network Coverage page in our website.

Yes, you can just visit the nearest service center in your region 

Go to calls → SIM options → select SIM in the mode 2G/3G/4G

Go to calls → data usage and you can know your daily, weekly and monthly usage of data

No, no need and this is one of the most features of the network

The network provides LTE/4G technologies, with speeds of more than 100 MB/SE

Send message to 1234 → In the text message enter the code *153# if it’s open package, and the code *125# if it’s limited package → click send

You can contact with our technical support team via WhatsApp or Telegram, or send a message to our Facebook page, and you can also visit the nearest service center in the region

The network has a very high level of security and reliability in terms to confidentiality of sending and receiving data